Welcome to my website. You are here because you are thinking you might need some extra support in your life. That is normal. Life takes some surprising and even expected turns that can knock you off your feet (figuratively and literally).  Sometimes life can be extremely painful, confusing, depressing, or even dull. 

If you are relating to any of these feelings it might be the right time to get some extra support, like talking to a therapist.  For some people this can be a huge step, so congratulations for having the courage to start looking for extra help. 

In my therapy practice I am currently accepting new clients.  Please look through my website to get to know me and my practice.  In addition, I would love to talk over the phone to give you the chance to ask me questions and see if my services are right for you.  

Currently Accepting New Clients

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Please take time to read my website to get to know me and my practice.

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If you have questions please use the contact form or call (818) 660-5862 

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If you are interested in scheduling a therapy session please start by scheduling a consultation call.